80. How to Know Your Value and Find the Right Life Partner

Mar 23, 2023
Sandra Joe Financial Coaching
80. How to Know Your Value and Find the Right Life Partner

Relationships are difficult all around, especially if you are a dedicated and focused person who has spent a significant amount of time working on your career. Sandra is joined by Molly Godfrey to discuss relationship advice for career-driven people trying to alter their luck in the dating world. It is important to recognize your own worth so that you might discover someone who shares your worth. Tune in for more helpful advice that can help you find the partner you desire.

Molly Godfrey is the CEO of Successful Love, a viral content developer, and the "go-to" dating and relationship counselor for successful single women in their 30s. She has been featured on the Today Show, InStyle, and Bustle as a trusted love adviser, assisting her clients in becoming unstuck and landing their dream relationship. She works with successful women and CEOs who are weary of the maddening cycles of far too much work and far too little love — and are ready to open themselves up to genuine connection and long-term relationships. She is about to begin her trademark three-month program, Rock Your Next Partnership, a 90-day intense group counseling experience designed to assist women transition from a random match to a committed relationship.

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