Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I come from a Financial Planning family, where I was exposed to talking about money from a very young age. With my mom as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and my brother as a CPA and CFP, we learned the importance about financial education early in life. 


In 2013, I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I began my career in Finance. I completed my CFP in 2019 and was working as a Financial Planner for High Net Worth clients, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, and I was forced to move home to Canada because of my Immigration Status.

Coming back to Canada meant that I had a chance to reassess my career path, and I realized that my passion lies in coaching the younger generation of Wealth Accumulators into having better money management, clear financial goals, and the expertise to helping them achieve a life of their dreams.

I quickly realized that working in the corporate world wasn't for me. I was more passionate about creating impact for the lives of many, than creating profits for my boss.


One of the main reasons I created this business of Financial Coaching, was because I quickly realized that working in the corporate world wasn't for me. I was more passionate about creating impact for the lives of many, than creating profits for my boss.​

In 2017 & 2018 I had the most challenging financial situation of my life. I pulled myself out of a separation, where I spent thousands of dollars on legal fees, and resulted in a settlement that left me with a large amount of debt. It took me nearly two years to pay it off, and I realized during this experience that there were so many other people who required support not just in their relationships, but in planning for their future, protecting their family and growing their businesses. I had learned and developed skills and expertise during this time, that I would not have learned, had I not gone through this myself, and I felt it was important to provide support and coaching to people in need.


I wanted to create a business that works with ambitious people to provide them with the education, skills and expertise to make informed financial decisions both now and in the future, without selling them a financial product.


When I returned to Canada in March 2020, I knew this was my chance to create something new. Thus my financial coaching business was born. So if this sounds like exactly the type of support you are looking for, then let's have a chat. If you're ready to take control of your financial future, learn the fundamentals about money, how to manage your finances in a more effective way, and have the accountability and training to actually get you results, then book a free consultation call with me.


The time is now.

No results are achieved without action.



2021 Certified Transformational Coach |  Online, Addicted2Success 

2019 Certified Financial Planner CFP® |  Online, Financial Planning Association of Australia

2017 Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning |  Monarch Institute, Australia

2015 Diploma of Financial Planning |   Monarch Institute, Australia

2012 Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management |  Royal Roads University, Canada

2010 Diploma of Business Management |  British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Canada

By having confidence in your finances, you can spend less time worrying about money and more time doing the things you love most.