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This 6-month program is a structured approach to taking your personal financial situation to the next level.

With one-on-one coaching sessions, we will do a deep dive into your current circumstances, discuss and understand your relationship with money and how to adapt your behaviours into making all of your goals a reality. 

[For Couples] - we will have two additional sessions where we discuss your current relationship with financial decision-making. We will learn about how to have better conversations about money as a team, and how to set up your finances for the future to reduce stress and arguments so you can be on the same page about your goals and spending patterns.  

By working directly with me as your coach and accountability partner, we will create a clear vision and an action plan to ensure you are set up for success both now and in the future.

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This program is specifically designed for either individuals or couples who are entering a new life stage or large financial milestone.

"Your Financial Future" is ideal for people who are:

        You are recently separated and are now navigating your new independent financial position.

  • You may not have been the primary financial decision-maker in the past and require support and knowledge so you can ensure you aren't making costly mistakes. 

  • You may have received a divorce settlement and would like guidance on how best to manage this payout so you can live comfortably but also provide yourself with an investment income stream to support your standard of living

  • You were the primary provider and are now paying alimony and/or child support and would like support around your new financial position and how to manage your wealth to ensure all of your bases are covered and protected. 


​      Your are recently married or are currently engaged and want to ensure you and your partner are on the same page in your new stage of life.


       You are family-planning and preparing yourselves for the financial impact of having children.


         You are single and earning a solid income, but you are over-spending and not putting your money to good use. You may have some savings, but it is not invested and collecting minimal interest in a cash account. You want to make the most of your current income, pay off any outstanding debts, build savings and begin investing but have limited investment experience. 


        You are either single or in a relationship and you want to have a better understanding of finances, create another income stream, make a career change, start a business, invest in something you have little knowledge about, or want to learn about different types of investing and income diversification.




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